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Maintaining security through the use of modern devices - newly designed safety gadgets - has become a trend now that has grown out of necessity in today’s world.  However, the essence of using locks and keys as a dependable method for security is still relevant. For centuries, lock and key have played an integral part in securing our homes, cars, warehouses and other prized possession by keeping them safe from trespassing and theft. We have been wired to trust them, as history tells, and with enough reason. Although advanced technological methods have taken a big hold of the security market today, locksmiths have not lost their relevance yet. This is where Silver Spring Locksmith Store comes in. We are the most trusted locksmiths in Silver Spring MD, having served the industry for over a decade now, and continue to provide guaranteed service at affordable pricing. We have launched a benchmark for the most reliable and affordable locksmith in Silver Spring.

Our dedication lies solely on efficiency and precision - we have proven-and-tested records of serving the highest grade of services. Don’t trust us still? Simply drop us a call at 301-969-3117 and get in touch with our experts to know how we stand tall amongst our competitors.

Why Silver Spring Locksmith Store?

By taking our time to understand the customer’s safety needs, we have upgraded our services and tested them in many households to build one of the finest locksmith and security services in Silver Spring. Our customers are a testament to that. Our insistence on customer service and quality work has made us popular amongst customers. Our work is generated mostly of recommendations from word of mouth. Our valuable customers have played an integral part in expanding our reach and we strive every day to keep our brand reputation intact .Our team of expert locksmiths are adept at handling commercial, residential or automotive requests. We provide a holistic service where we are reachable round the clock, 24/7.

About our Origin:

Silver Spring Locksmith Store was established after the realization that there aren’t many cheap and efficient locksmiths in Silver Spring MD. All the existing services that initially promised a lot usually failed to deliver during execution. And the ones that did deliver charged exuberant prices. Something didn't seem right. So, we studied the locksmith market in Maryland extensively and realized that most of them were either underperforming or simply exploiting the customers.  We set to find a middle ground where we could provide a class service without the exuberant charges. Since then, we have valued quality services and affordability the most. Customers have resonated with us and we have been able to stand out for our services.


24/7 Emergency locksmith services

Taking care of emergency needs at the drop of a hat is not an easy task. Unless, it is us. We understand that dire situations call for dire action. No one likes being stranded inside a locked house or a car.  With our agile team of locksmiths at disposal 24/7, we make sure our customers are catered to with high priority. Holidays are not an exception for us. We are at your service, whenever you need us, irrespective of dates or time. Give us a call, and we will be there.

Automotive locksmith services:

Very few things are as threatening as being locked inside your own car and having little clue of escape. Incidentally, breaking a key in the ignition is a frequent occurrence too. We understand the intimidation of such situations and have devoted a team of mobile locksmiths who cater to such rescues. No more guilt trips of missing your spare key! Our quick team will make sure we get you out in no time. Be it key cutting, car lockout assistance or transponder key programming, our locksmiths in Silver Spring will take care of all your lockout hassles.

Residential locksmith services:

Many assume that a metal key or a lock has an infinite shelf life and that it will withstand the test of time. It will not. Like any other good, it wears out over time, mostly by getting worn out from the inside.  It is possible for keys to get jammed in the lock and for anyone to get locked in or out of their houses. Worry not! With just a call, we come over to your place to unjam your locks and rescue you, without harming the lock from inside. Our top quality locksmith will maintain the locks while fixing it, ensuring that keys are removed smoothly.  We also give you tips for further maintenance and prevention. While prevention is key, we at Silver Spring are readily available to help you anytime with lockout resolutions, lock repairs, replacements, eviction services and much more.

Commercial locksmith services:

Businesses are constantly looking out to implement better security facilities in their offices, as the stakes are higher for such places, than say for a house. Our premium facilities are catered to suit the high-end security demands of such corporate houses, especially businesses that hold valuable assets in their properties. Our locksmiths are trained to plant the most sophisticated security systems in properties that require the utmost protection. With our class quality system, we take the worry of security away from businessmen and let them focus completely on the task at hand.


We have a 24/7 help desk which can be reached anytime of the day or night. With residential, automotive and commercial support round the clock, we provide services either immediately at disposal or on a routine basis, depending on your requirement. We value customer support to the highest and are available at your disposal, any time of the day or night.


Out of the many locksmiths services provided in Silver Spring, we regard ourselves to be the most efficient - both cost and work wise. We hold a team of finely trained professionals that have had my years of experience in locksmithing and understand the craft inside and out. With such expertise, the efficiency is increased manifold and the time to perform one task is reduced significantly. Similarly, our pricing is very competitive, while the service is equally fine, if not better. Just ask our happy customers!

Assured Cheapest Prices:

We believe in integrity and honesty, which we want to reflect through our operations and pricing. While all our competitors benefit through the high charges during holidays or emergencies, we maintain a flat price for all our services. Be it at night or day, holiday or work day, we will charge you the same, irrespective of the circumstances. We do not even take breaks during holidays! That is how serious we are about your security. On top of that, our prices are much more affordable than many of our competitors in the market.

Our Team:

We comprise a team of professionals who share the same vision of excelling at customer service. Our locksmiths in Silver Spring MD have been trained in advanced locksmithing and are adept with the latest technology in the industry as well. No task is difficult or impossible for our team, making us the leaders in the market!

Fastest On The Block:

When we say we are fast, we mean it. We respond quickly to emergency calls and waste no time on logistics or operational hassles. We had a customer call us recently about an emergency lockout situation which had to be catered to immediately. We were on the spot within 30 minutes of the call and rescued them in a hurry. We always put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and have running mobile vans, especially for such crises.


Reach out to us at 301-969-3117 for any queries, assistance or a free quote. We are available 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

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